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Teen Dating Violence Education Demi Brae Cuccia

Prior to Demi's murder, I knew nothing about Dating Violence. It was not a part of my language, education or history.

It is important to remember that an abuser wants POWER and CONTROL. Often in the beginning of the relationship the abuser (male or female) will be very charming, romantic and the love is intense.

Over time the victim feels trapped in the relationship and yet feel responsible and committed to their abuser. A victim believes they "love" their abuser, this is because he/she is not always abusive. The abuser will intertwine manipulative apologies following an abusive episode, this cycle is continuous.

If you are in an abusive relationship and or fear for your safety, it is very important to tell an adult, parent, teacher or friend.

Demi's Mom,


August 20, 2007 Monroeville Assembly of God Memorial Service.

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