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Demi, we deeply grieve everything you were and everything you were going to achieve.

My Thoughts and Dreams

Me In a Nutshell

I am a very interesting person because I have different interest. One interest of mine is talking on the phone. I love to go shopping with friends. In the summer I like to swim, roller blade, and go on vacation to my grandma’s (Carole) cottage. I also like to play with my little sister Saige and watch TV – also I like to go to the movies with my friends. I always like to just come home, sit back, and listen to my radio. I have many - interest, and that’s what makes me interesting.

Just The Basics

There are many basic facts about me. I’ll start with my hair it’s brown and long. My eyes are hazel and my height is 4’11”. I have a lot of family members and pets. My favorite colors are pink, purple and orange. I love to shop, watch TV, listen to the radio and CD’s and talk on the phone. I have many basics about me and that’s what makes me, well me.

Little Known Facts About Me

There are many things about me that people don’t know. I wasn't born in a hospital I was born at home in Austell Georgia. I lived there until I was two. I also have a platelet disorder called ITP.

I was home schooled until second grade then again in sixth grade.

I am afraid of needles and Indians.

These are just a few things that aren't known about me.

Happiness Is

There are little and big things that make me happy. Something that makes me happy is the last day of school, because I am one year closer to being done! I love when I go shopping and out with my family.

What also makes me happy is when I do something to make someone proud. A lot of things make me happy, big and small.

Pet Peeves

I have many pet peeves about many different things. One of my pet peeves are when people squish me and spit on my food at lunch. I hate when people scrape their nails on the chalk board. I also dislike when people leave the toilet seat up and don’t wash their hands when they’re done. Another dislike is when my mom hurries me to get done. The last one I’ll say is when people keep calling while I’m doing my homework. Even though I don’t like these pet peeves, I try to find a way to deal with them.

What I Do In My Free Time

When I have free time I like to do a variety of things. In my free time I love to dance. I also love to workout, and go shopping with friends. Also I listen to my CD’s. I talk on the phone and computer, and I love to draw. Also in my free time I play with my animals. I have many different things I like to do in my free time.

Heroes and Heroines

I have at least two people I admire; my Mom (Jodi) and Jessica Simpson. My Mom is one of my heroines because she is my Mom and she does a lot for other people and not very much for herself. She tries to help me when I get stuck on something like my homework foe example.

My other heroine is Jessica Simpson because she is a wonderful singer and she never gives up when people talk about her. She is very sweet and funny and makes you laugh all the time. Even though I only listed a few things why, there are still so many more about why they are my heroines.

When I Was Small

When I was a small child I had many things different about me, then today. I WAS BORN IN Atlanta Georgia, and moved to PA when I was two.

When I was born I had to have surgery because I had a staff infection. As I was growing to be a toddler I had very light brown hair, hazel eyes, and a friendly personality, My sister was born when I was three, then we got a dog.

As I was growing to school age, my mom wanted to home school my brother and I. I entered public school in second grade, and have been in public school ever since. As I became older, a lot of things have changed since I was small.

The Future

I have many plans for the future, including my job and family. When I am out of school I want to go to a good college to be some kind of doctor. I either want to be a chiropractor, or a kind of baby doctor. For my family life I want to have at least three kids, and a nice house. I want to live by the beach and have a lot of fun. If I am poor then I will live in a small home. I will try to get a better job and help support my family. 

I hope, I will be able to fulfill my thoughts about the future.

We Remember You

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