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Education on Teen Dating Violence, Pittsburgh PA

Contact me at // Jodi L.. Miceli (Cuccia)/ facebook

312 Elliott Dr - Monroeville PA 15146


Since Demi's tragic, unforeseen murder, I established the Demi Brae Memorial Fund 2007.

I publicly educate teenagers, parents and educators on the warning signs of Teen Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention.

Being Demi's advocate for Teen Dating Violence, along with creating this website,

allows me to continue to gift others with the knowledge that she and I did not have.

Education on TDV would have saved her life.

The Prevention of Teenage Dating Violence and Abuse

by learning and understanding - the

Warning Signs <> Prevention <> Safety Measures <> Statistics


Less than 25% of teen talk to their parents about dating relationships.

81% of parents either believe Teen Dating Violence is not an issue or the admit they do not know if it is issue

1 in 3 girls will experience Dating Violence

80% of girls who are physically abused in their relationship continue to date their abuser

Abusers can be male or female

The longer the relationship continues, the greater the chance of a violent outcome

58% of teens don't know how to get help

Power and Control is the goal of the abuser

Jealously is a sign of insecurity and lack of trust but the abuser will say it is a sign of love

Abusers never take responsibility for their actions.

Abusers will isolate you from family and friends

YOU can Never "Fix" an abusive partner.

Abusers are sexually abusive.

Forms of abuse can be mental, physical and or sexual

Never Ever break up alone


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